Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Irrepressible Dalen

Dalen is the type of teen that anyone would want around their library. He comes to use the computers, but he also reads. He also likes to chat--he got an ipod touch for Christmas. He volunteers for around a half an hour a week and he comes to teen programs.

The best part about Dalen is that he has great ideas. He can also strike up a conversation with anyone about anything and he is very tech savy.
One example is the coat rack. I asked Dalen, "What does our library need?" He looked around at the coat laying over a table and said, "a coat rack." He was so right. Though we found several in a library supply catalog, co-worker Carolyn decided we needed a nicer one. Her friend Kenny, who is a wood worker, is now working on a coat rack. Great idea Dalen!

Another example is when just talking to another patron he mentioned our large print books. She said, "What are large print books?" We showed her and she was immediately thrilled. She didn't even know such a thing existed. She checked one out and said she'd be back for more. All because of Dalen.

Dalen also has set up the Teen Advisory Group Facebook page and done other things to make the library a friendlier place.

Thanks Dalen