Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sharing Slides

I had fun using the ZoHo Show to make a slide show of current fiction at my library. It was somewhat like using Publisher. I can't believe that it was so easy to publish to a blog.
If any of my patrons ever read this blog, they will find some new fiction and some ideas of what to read. I think in the future this may be a real possibility, give how much blogs are used by younger people.
I would recommend the ZoHo Show as an easy tool to make a slide show. All you do is choose a theme and then make your slides. I adjusted the font size on my slides, but I used a title and a few items under each title. I didn't use any graphics, but it looks like doing pictures could be fun, too.
I have never used a tool like this, including making a power point, so it was nice to see how easy it is.


Family Avaire said...

Hi Kathy,
I love the Zoho show. This is the first I've heard of it. I look forward to learning right along with you! How many things left on the stick?

Last night's FoL meeting was interesting. I have always wondered what it takes to run a library. I look forward to learning more about that,too.

Isle Librarian said...

Thanks for answering Carolyn. I don't know if you'll get this. It was great to have you at the FOL meeting.

Media Sandy said...

Hi Kathy. I stumbled upon your blog and liked how you said it was so easy to publish your zoho slide show to your blog. How did you do it? I am trying to publish my thumbstack slideshow to my blog and I did it through my blog under "add a page element" - then add a link. when I added the link, it looked like it worked, but when I view my blog it is highlighted as a link, but it doesn't link to anywhere. I would really appreciate your ideas!
Mediasandy in MN

Isle Librarian said...

I just read your comment today 2/26. Hopefully you have figured out how to publish from Zoho to your blog. After I made my document,I just hit "publish". I had to put in the log in and password for my blog, but then it suddenly appeared on my website. Good luck. I will visit your blog.