Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Online Evaluation Thing 23

In looking back over my blog, I realize that my favorite things are the pictures and graphics that I was able to put on my blog. It was fun to make up a slide show and find a you tube video.
I didn't end up connecting much with my fellow librarians. I read things that they wrote, but there wasn't much interaction. I did connect up with my daughter and her friend on Facebook.
I would say that the unexpected outcome for me was finding a way of incorporating images on a site that people might use to get information about the library. I could see doing pictures of storytime and putting them up or even, if I get more advanced, doing a reading of a book online--things like that.
I would say that a phrase that I have been using is "catch up with the Facebook generation". I have really felt left in the dust by new technology and this program helped me understand that all of these things are not so hard to figure out.
I do know that I need a faster internet connection at home if I am going to use them personally.


Cindy said...


You're done...

Like you I like playing with the pictures....but keep in mind that you now know about a lot of tools and use them or not, you'll know what those young folk are talking about!

Cindy Gruwell
12 Things CMLE Coach

PatriciaP said...

Congrats indeed! Give yourself a big pat on the back for pushing through the big 23!