Friday, May 2, 2008

More Space

If you come in to the Mille Lacs Lake Community Library, look around. You'll notice that the shelves are pretty full. There's hardly room for any more videos or books on CD. The juvenille chapter books have spilled over to another shelf. Norma had to rearrange three shelves of nonfiction to fit one book back in. Fiction is getting equally filled.
We also are getting more demand for computers. The after school crowd nearly go to blows over computers. One more computer would ease the situation, but then we have to squeeze another computer into limited wall space.
Lately we are getting more people at our Friends of the Library and Book Discussion group and we just don't have enough chairs in the library. Storytime also sometimes has more children than we can accommodate.
We are a small library, the smallest in terms of circulation and square footage in the East Central Regional Library System.
More space would be welcome at our library, but I'm not sure what can be done. A library belongs to the public and they need to decide if they want to fund a larger building.
All I can do is let people know and see if they have any suggestions. Do you?

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