Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thing 36 - Generators

Although I'm not sure how useful it is, I have had fun with the background generators. I made my own tartan--sort of neon blue and green. My aide, Norma, didn't seem too impressed--"They changed something else on the computer now!!" I have now used the make your own background site to change it to purple swirls--hope Norma can handle that one. I can't think of how I'd use the generators in the library--perhaps if I had to do some sort of hand-out for a program, I could add a cartoon or a wordle. I guess I could generate some graph paper if a student wanted to do some math and they forgot their graph paper--of course this has never happened in my library. I liked the comic generator--I did think several of the cartoons were funny but I don't have confidence that I can come up with something funny. I would use the cartoons to e-mail something funny to my fellow librarians or put something on facebook. I really liked the wordle site--seems to poetize ordinary writing. I can't recommend any other generators, but I enjoyed the ones I worked with at these sites.

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