Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Begin 23 Things on a Stick

Well, here is my first blog. I'm hoping to learn some new high tech things to try out so I can see if they would work at my library. I do not own a digital camera, but three members of my family do, so maybe they will help me to up load a picture or two. Hey wait a minute, I'm the one who bought each of those people a digital camera. I sense something deeply flawed in my personality.

Anyway, I am the Branch Librarian at Mille Lacs Lake Community Library in Isle, Minnesota. The population of the town is 770 and it is located on the southeast corner of Mille Lacs Lake. It is partly a tourist town, but there is a small amount of industry here also.

Setting up a blog is fairly easy. It is a cross between an e-mail address and a publication document. Anyway here is my blog. I don't know if I will have time to do all 23 of these things on a stick, but I have an hour until it gets busy around here (school is out then).

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