Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mashups--Thing 40

Mashups have been a challenge for me. I tried many, but somehow I just didn't really understand what made them different from other Internet applications. I asked my daughter Alice if she knew what a mashup was and she said no, so that stumped me further. I did find a little icon that shows places to go for lunch (nothing in my zipcode) and I am in the process of joining a twitter sight about books. I made a Warhol picture of my daughter sunning herself with Big Huge Labs. This site is somehow related to flickr. I also made a magazine cover of my friend Jean Francis who comes into the library to read People--put her on the cover of People with lots of innuendo--that seems to be lost in cyberspace. Libraries are always doing programming, so any way to generate more graphics can be an effective way to promote an event. The mashups themselves (at least the Big Huge Lab) was fun to use, but as usual, my postings are hit and miss--I was happy to be able to get my flickr pictures to my blog so easily. I can't say I've gone looking for mashups because I wouldn't know one if I saw one. I did read on Twitter that one of the people that I was following finished all of her Things on a Stick--before the deadline. I let her know I was impressed--not looking like I'll finish, but I'll try a few more things.

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